Busy Productive November

Today is the last day of November – What a busy and productive month! I am glad that I got through of it with less mistakes than last year. Worthy to congrats, isn’t it?

To say good-bye November, we celebrated a belated Thanksgiving dinner. It was my best Thanksgiving I’ve had so far.

Making pumpkin pies and veggies

Boys with their dishes

Here are what we got

– a real roasted turkey (from Metro by P),

– stuffings (by K),

– salad and veggie (by J),

– broccoli and cheese (by W and M),

– pumpkin “smoothie” (by T),

– grantin dauphinois (by me),

– smashed potato (by Jq),

– pumpkin pie (by J),

– apple pie and sugar cookies (by L)

– wines (F, E and some others)

– fruits (L’s students later)

I was thankful to the dinner – a very good occasion to get together; to my family for loving, caring and supporting me; to my Uncle’s family for their love and their generosity; to a great job I am doing for giving me chances to work with great people; to my friends for being  friends of mine and being around me; to my bosses  for their kindness; and to my co-workers for their assistance and cooperation at work.

Again, thank you all for a wonderful dinner! All of you rock!

The morning after Thanksgiving dinner, we had a little adventure to Vi Thanh with K, M, T and W. I really enjoyed last Sunday and happy to be there with my friends. We got K and W’s bikes fixed. Then, having early dinner at KFC in Can Tho which was good for those guys :P. It could be much better if it came to an end without the rain which made me damn freezing cold on the way back to Can Tho. 😛

There is a Rice Festival in Vi Thanh starting on Nov 28th, 2009. To me, it looks like a Expo Fair in Can Tho every year. Yet, it was fun to be there with my friends and joined the local people. Well, in Rice Festival, we saw rice and rice. Various kind of rice there. We saw two other white men in town where I thought there were only my friends. We tried many local snacks and one of them was a pink cotton candy, haha. All guys wanted to have massage while waiting for the rain to stop, but I. Finally, we decided to head home. God, it was freaking cold and windy. 50cc Honda Cub was cool. Not too slow and not too fast. T lent me a jacket later when we arrived Rach Goi and K gave me a ride back home. Thanks a lot, guys!


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