Outline – Head to the S.E.A – Update 1

OK. Plan is changed a bit between Viet Nam and Laos border area. I simply want to shorten the trip and go directly to Laos. I do not want to spend much time in the central of Viet Nam.

Viet Nam part

Can Tho → Saigon: 5hr bus

Saigon → Hue: bus/train

Hue → Lao Bao

Lao Bao → Dansavan
[other option from Hue to Savannaket:  The trip to Savannakhet takes about 12 hours and cost around US$12. I need to find more info here.I just do not want to spend much time wandering at small towns. More days in Savannaket make more sense to me]

Laos part

[maybe I’ll take the option from Hue to Savannaket; instead of breaking the trip into small ones – take more energy and time and money as well]

Dansavan → Savannaket: 4hr hus

Savannaket → Vientiane: 13 hr bus

Vientiane → Vieng Vang: 5hr bus

Vieng Vang → Luang Prabang: 7hr bus

Luang Prabang → Luang Nam Tha: 9hr bus

Luang Nam Tha → Huay Xai (border point): 5hr bus + 5~10 mins on ferry on Mekong River

Thailand part

Huay Xai → Chiang Kong

Chiang Kong → Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai → Lamphun

Lamphun → Bangkok


I will skip Burma because of visa issue and means of transportation. According to info of Burma Embassador in Viet Nam, FIT will pay $20 for 30-day travel visa and on land travel is permissible; i.e I have to fly to Burma which will burn my little budget. Next time, I’ll see you, Burma, soon.

Bangkok → Kanger (border point)

Malaysia part

Kanger → Padang Besar

Padang Besar → Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur → Melaka

Melaka → Johor Bahru (border point) / or, back to Kuala Lumpur to fly to Indonesia

Indonesia / Philippines

I chose Indonesia and skip Philippines this time. All for my own safety. Also, it is easy to take a flight from Saigon to Manila at weekends.

Brunei/Malaysia-Borneo part

Get to Borneo either from Indonesia

to be continue about bus trip to Brunei after reading Lonely Planet: S.E.A


Back to Singapore from either Brunei or Borneo.

Singapore → Saigon: 2.5 hr airplane


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