Estoy viviendo mi vida

There was a short post on a local papers. The guy wondered why he felt disoriented; what he was living for, what his life goal was, etc. while he had everything in term of mental and physical things. Somehow, I can see myself on that post. I used to spend a bunch of time thinking what I should do, the purpose of all I am doing right now, what I really want next, etc. Then, I figure out one simple thing: Live my life happily! A very simple goal. Do everything which makes me feel good and comfortable and do not offense others.

Who cares when people say I am self-fish? Who cares when they say I just care for myself? Who cares what they say.

I have a long journey ahead to head to. Just live as if tomorrow never comes.

El camino en esta aventura recién esta comenzando


The road in this adventure is just beginning


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