Travel Plan in SEA – An Outline

So, I got back to my travel plan even though I am freaking busy at work. Last week I was sick and had a day off from work. I laid on the bed for a whole day, tiringly and thought about my plan.

I will take a bus/a train from Saigon to the Central VN. I will take a bus to Laos. Then, bus to North of Thailand and go on down to South of Thailand. Burma is an option here; if they do not require me a visa and there is an easy way to get to Burma, I will go there.

Otherwise, I will continue my trip to Malaysia. Here, I hesitate which country I will travel to. Indonesia or Philippines. Which one first? And Brunei as well? Should I go there? If I can go to Burma, I think I will skip Philippines which I can visit next time.

I know my last stop is Singapore where I can spend around 3 days before flying back to Saigon


Viet Nam

Laos <10days>

Thailand <29 days>

[Burma] <7 days>

Malaysia <29 days>

Indonesia <10 days>

[Brunei] <3days>

[Philippines] <5 days>

Singapore <4days>

Viet Nam

Travel Plan Info

  • Duration: 82~97 days (max is 100days)
  • Budget: USD 2000 or less
  • Transportation: Bus, Train, Bike and Plane
  • Accommodation: hostel – dorm room, Couchsurfing and friends’
  • Food: local food as local people. There is no reason to try pizza or stuffs like that which I can have in Saigon.
  • Stuffs to bring along (must-bring): clothes, camera, tripod, journal, money and personal documents and its copies.

Now, what I should do

  • Work hard to earn money.
  • Prepare my personal stuffs.
  • Plan places to visit in each country.
  • Ask for visa permit for Burma and Brunei

Tell me what you think...

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