Selfie: Can Tho in Flood

After monsoon time in Phu Quoc island,  I have experienced flood in my town.  In the morning, everything seemed very fine. Sunny. Hot – too hot, btw. Maybe the heat was the sign. Don’t know!

Then, when I was home for lunch, I heard lots of thunders. My 1st thought was to bike soon to work. Otherwise, I would be caught in the rain. Around 2pm, I was still lucky. I went to the office totally in dry cloth condition, haha 🙂 I got this pix, though.

Suddenly, it started to rain. Like someone on heaven pouring tons of gallons of water on our heads. Lightening. Thunders which my co-worker said were like God took pix of the earth, haha. 15mins later, water was everywhere. It rained in more than 1 hour. Water came up so quickly.

Many friends of mine updated their status about flood frequently on facebook. That was so funny to me. I know every year, around this time, this thing just happens. I get used to. It was enjoyable to me somehow. Well, it is like that because I was lucky to stay in a good house – which has not been flooded so far.

After 5pm, rain stopped. Water did not. It just raised up. Dirty. Trash. Dead bugs. Fruits’ covers. Cockroaches. Bad smell in the office. Terrible then. I guess water would go down a bit. Hell no! Everywhere in Hoa Binh Blvd, a main street in my town was in water/in flood. I did say before: Can Tho still can be flooded w/o rain.

To get home, I wore my light rain coat, took my sneakers off and put them on my bike’s basket and tried to get out of the traffic jam which was caused by dead-engine motorbikes. Sort of funny since I stopped my bike on the way home to take pix. I bet ppl would say that I was insane – why I did not try to get out of water soon. HAHA…

Sadly, I read this saying somewhere on-line: “In 2007, the highest flood tide reached 2.03m. As Can Tho is only 0.6-0.8m above sea level, there were deep floods on many major streets. If the flood tide continues to rise at the current pace, by 2030, it will be 0.8-1m higher. At that time, the entire city of Can Tho could be underwater” We live next to Can Tho River, and Hau River. We live in Mekong Delta. We have been living with flood for a long time. In the past, everything seemed not that bad. Now, it is so terrible. What do the local authority do? They are planning. They are still working on paper… Obviously it is so funny to me to observe the people in the streets. IT IS TOO SAD though as how many people are lucky like I now when big rains and flood come?


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