Monsoon in Phu Quoc

My second trip to Phu Quoc was at monsoon time. What lovely it is! haha

We were Eliza, Gwen, Jenni, Liz, Marty and I. Will was sick so he could not join us (but later, it turned out staying in Rach Gia was so much better for him). We all arrived Rach Gia late at night and spent a night at a local hostel near Kien Giang Community College.

Morning of Sep 05, we were eager to get on SuperDong speedboat heading to Phu Quoc island – our wishful short vacation. One hour later on board, we couldn’t stand. Bumping. Strong waves. Windy. The boat was too little on the angry ocean to struggle and reach its destination. Eliza, Marty and I spent most of the time on board at the back, outside no matter how it was windy and wet and cold. I had to breathe fresh air. The area we were at was for smokers, though. Oy, bummer!

One of SuperDong employee told me that the trip would take us around 2.5 hours from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc. Definitely it can be applied for good season (from November to April), but September. When there were around 45minutes left (we thought so), I asked one of the passengers next to me how long it would take to arrive Phu Quoc. He shocked us by a quick and simple answer: “there are around 1hour to 1.5 hours“. What the heck!?! We hugged each other and tried to get a short nap or at least felt safe together. Meanwhile, inside, Liz and Jenni still sat at their seats and tried to survive. They all fell sick anyway.

We arrived at Phu Quoc around noon, taking a bus to Duong Dong Town where our guesthouse was. This guesthouse is alright. I like it because it is so close to the beach (less than 2minutes walking). Bed and room are for backpackers so it is not as good as other hotels. Cold water could kill me, haha. It is suitable for summer time.

After lunch, we decided to walk around the town and it was good – it was the only one clear, non-rain day in Phu Quoc.

At nite, all girls walked along the beach. Well, what will you do when you go to coastal town? Go to the beach!!! 🙂

A whole 3 days in Phu Quoc, the ocean was so angry, rough, wavy, and windy. It seemed the sea wanted to bite piece by piece the land. That action took it so much energy so the sea was sweaty by raining a whole day long. My 1st monsoon weather experience in the island!

We were all down for renting motorbikes to visit a fish sauce factory, a pearl farm, and a lighthouse. It rained heavily. We hardly made it at first. Marty felt sick and so there are 5 girls left and 3 motorbikes. Finally, we visited Khai Hoan fish sauce and a lighthouse. I could not take a photo of the lighthouse because of the heavy rain. I felt disappointed a bit when I saw a little lighthouse right on the top of a limestone, where below there is a temple – Dinh Cau. However, the overview was so imposing. Stormy ocean, colorful fishing boats, and small houses. Really awesome!

Before starting our motorbike tour, we changed 1 bike because of brake-problems. We spent most of the time at Saigon-Phuquoc Hotel as if we stayed there. Haha, they have free Internet service there by the way. I rode Gwen. Jenni rode Liz and Elisa rode herself. I am happy that all of us are safe after the terrifying trip =D

Accidentally, we met 2 T4V girls – Kelly and Christine (Teacher for Vietnam Org). We decided to make trips to Suoi Da Ban stream and Pearl Farm together. We rented a 15-seat car and headed to Suoi Da Ban. Rain and Flood everywhere. We did not dare to get out of the van. Finally, we made it to Pearl Farm and shopped a bit =D

The dinner was so good at least after 3 days in the island. We got veggie pizza, cheese burgers, salad, steamed chicken, grilled mashed potatoes, and ice-cream for dessert while it rained pourings and wind did not stop crying outside.

Since, 5 of us got a ticket for flight on Tue and 3 others did not have any. All of us wanted to get out of the island as soon as possible so we crushed to the airport around 5.45am and waited for the ticket agent to ask him to put us on the top waiting list. We were so tired and sleepy. It was funny though. I was glad travelling with these cuties.

Kelly and Christine headed back immediately to Can Tho while we were going to visit Willy in Kien Giang Community College. We thought we would have spent a night in Rach Gia if the weather had been better. It turned out that the weather was getting more rainy. I also have the most expensive lunch on the trip at a Chinese restaurant. I fucking hate the way they serve foreigners in VN. They try to charge as much as they can. The way they are doing will not bring tourists back EVER!! How long will it take for such people to understand way to do tourism???

I really like Will’s app. I wish I could have my own place like that. My own place. Heizz!

All of us were back in Cantho safely and happy to be at home 🙂

The trip was not as amazing as we thought but we did have fun 🙂

More trips awaiting for us. Save up. Prepare. GO, Tiger!


9 thoughts on “Monsoon in Phu Quoc

  1. cool stuff angela! i like the 2 panoramic pictures at the top of your blog a lot. oh! and i have the same shirt as the boy you traveled with, the gray cupcake royale shirt — which is strange, i think they only have those in Seattle…maybe not?

  2. hello,

    I have been offered to stay in bungalow at Kim Nam Phuong. I have kids 3 and 5 years old. Would you recommend it???? Thanks!

    • if you travel as backpackers, it is a real good place to stay. Note that they do not have hot-water shower in cheap rooms which are in the garden, except for bungalows which are right next to the beach. Ask them for cotton bedsheet as well. Hope you enjoy your time in Phu Quoc!

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