Rainy Day and My Memories

Again, it rained so heavily in the morning.

I started my new day by having Pho Cali with a friend of mine. The style and pho are alright. It is good enough to start a new day, if you know what I mean.

Then, getting back home and reading Nicolas Sparks. Suddenly, all memories crushed back on my mind. About you, about me and about everything happened in the past between us. I used to be afraid of thinking about them. I used to cry when I think about them, about you. NO MORE now. I also feel surprised that I have changed a lot. I am not bitter for anything between us. I will not say who is right, and who is wrong. I just know it happened. Now, looking back. What do I think? I do not think at all. They belong to the past. They do not remind me of anything. Should I be happy or what?

Since that day, I have learned a lot. A new chapter with many blank pages, as you told me. I can write anything I like, anything makes me happy and laugh. So, here I go! 😀 Well, I should not write about these personal thinking here, on my online travel journal. I think it is a part of my life, my style though. Just write! I have not written for a while; because of that feeling, that silly thinking.

My life, oh well, why I spend a lot of time thinking about it. Just a life of a normal little woman. Nothing special. It is just special for me, myself only though. I am happy for what I have, for whom I meet, for what I do and for what I try to achieve. That’s it! 🙂

Sometimes I am unsure for my future. I do not really know what I want to do, whom I want to be. But, who cares? The road is so wide in front of my eyes. Just go and we’ll see, right? Plans are good, but not for all the time.

Sometimes I am unsure for my love, oh well, which I do not have right now, :D. I do not know if I could meet Mr. Right who is willing to share a whole life with me, without making hurt for each other. Men look at me, like a young girl, a kid actually. How come? I DO NOT know, that’s it! I do love to get married, have kids and have my own family. Hey, wait, nobody will do that with me. That’s the point. I am not worried though. As above, the road is wide and I just head forward and we’ll see. I am NOT  in a hurry for this matter. HAHA 😀

Sometimes I am unsure for everything, but I do believe that I am still able to manage everything. I will not force everything under my control, my plans but I will adjust myself to fit everything happening around me. They give me a lime, and I will make lemonade 🙂

You are not in my world anymore. You are on your own way and so do I. Seeing each other again is a possibility. It is not a big deal to me. My world is still circling. Good, sad, annoying and surprising stories will appear. However, I need to thank you for all you did for me. You was my good friend, was a sweet lover, was a wonderful part of my world. Be yourself!

So, to end this post, I just want to say I am having a peaceful and relaxing Sunday at home and feel happy for that 🙂

Rainy Sunday


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