Selfie: After Trip Thoughts

Everything happened just like yesterday.

My friends, my Uncle and little KK came and went. I miss them so much. I love every single second around them.

My last 2 weeks of July are unforgettable… Good stories on my life’s chapter.

I was happy to meet my Uncle and KK again. So were they. We had almost a week together. Enjoy time together with family and relatives. I got more time to understand my little KK – who is a Vietnamese-American relative. On her 1st time in VN, she hardly talked a word to me. She was too young, too shy. I even did not know to start a conversation with her and her mom, AJ. Anyway, it left behind. We clicked with each other. We loved each other. We had very good time together. I wish she and her family could come back here again 🙂

2 short days in SG with friends was awesome. Every time I went to SG, it is unchanged. I got some more chances to understand and enjoy the city in different way though. I love talking with him. 2 different people. Meeting at a same place. Great time together.

We had dinner with my partners (who are working for ATM) at a fancy restaurant and got to know a couple of French people who are her husband’s friends and her Vietnamese friends. Then, heading to the club on Thi Sach street. Oh well, I am not a fan of club but I like to check it out, compare and observe people there. Music there is better than other clubs where I got chances to visit. I walked back to the hotel and felt safe with him.

The last day in SG, we went to visit a good friend of mine in Bien Hoa, 1 hour and a half from SG. She and her friend co-own an American Yogurt Store. It is a very cool place – stylish and modern decoration. The yogurt is the same as I tried in SG but I love the flavor. There are durian, green tea, and tiramisu. We had a very funny time together. We shot many photos – being models were so much funny. We also tried 2kg of durian at the store’s kitchen. It was so delicious.

Direction to go to Parallel Yogurt in Bien Hoa: from Ben Thanh Market Bus Terminal, take bus #152, and ask to be dropped off near Cung Van Hoa Lao Dong. Then, take another bus #5 heading to Bien Hoa. Ask them to stop at Nga Tu Cau Moi, where you can see a gas station. Next, you just walk to the crossroad, turn right and walk straight in less than 5 minutes. You will see the store on the left side of the street.

To my special friend: THANK YOU for spending time with me, making feel happy and being myself. I will not ever forget our memories and hope that we will meet again here or the other side of the world. Who knows?

As for the filming group, it was neat and stressful. They look professional but actually not like that. They twisted me around but then I know what I should do. Sometimes, I did silly things as well. I met new people from USA and learned a couple of photography lessons. I got a chance to know how weird some Vietnamese young people behave to their Vietnamese people. They are weirdos. They pretend they are Vietnamese oversea which make them like shit. They spoke in English to Vietnamese people. I wish I had been able to kick their ass, at least once. (well, God didn’t give me any chance :D).

Now in VN, it is 1 YEAR since Alex left for USA. Congrats to my bro! You have made 1 SUCCESSFUL year in USA.

Alex got so many chances to experience a new chapter in his life there. He made friend with many good people. He got to know many new and interesting things. He learned how to take care of himself, how to behave as a mature man; how to live independently and how to appreciate what he is having now. As well, he made a very good job at school.

Many big supports and loves which encourage him a lot are from you and your families. Therefore, my parents and I want to say BIG THANKS to Auntie AJ, Uncle Lee, little Kelly, chi Phuong, Aunties in AZ and VA, and our friends (em gai Meg, anh Dan, and more… too much for me to write down) for helping him, taking good care of him, thinking of him, keeping in touch with him and loving him while he is there.

Really appreciated!

So, I am ready for a new month – August. I will meet my dear friend Jenni and Willy soon and of course other new friends. I learn how to love my life, my time and other things I am having now… Surely sure, a fucking boring girl disappeared, haha!!!


One thought on “Selfie: After Trip Thoughts

  1. Thảo ơi,

    See what I meant when I said you are better than all these make-believe foreigners? I am OK when Vietnamese people address me in English (of course), but when they address Ánh in English and pretend to have problems understanding her Vietnamese (what a joke!), this is obviously more about posturing than about making things happen.

    Glad you made this out for yourself. Shows who you really are.

    The urgency of the whole thing did not help, though. A TV game is not something you manage as you would a quiet cooking series like the very professional BBC / Denham’s TV team we had on board at Tết last year with Rick Stein.

    And, yes, Alex’s smile is very refreshing.


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