Busy Late July

At the beginning of this month, I thought “oh well, another quiet month in the low season is passing.” Then, it turns out that there are so many things – sad and interesting. I tell myself that I should not expect anything so much. Let it be. Let it happen and I will adjust myself to the flow of the life. Then, it works and I am feeling good these days.

I have got a chance to work with a filming team again. This time, the group is bigger. More foreigner and domestic participants. They use 2 big boats. They take 3 days and 2 nights. I do not know what its filming purpose; nor whom they film for; nor anything else. Actually, it is not my business. I know my job description and I will fulfill it as well as I can. I look forward to working with this group. I like new things, new challenges and new experiences.

BBC team emailed me to say the program they filmed on our cruise are on show. I cannot watch it because I do not have channel BBC 2 here. I will check it out on-line later. That was my unforgettable time in my career. They impressed me a lot. Professional. Style. Industrious. Easy-going. I like them all.

As the matter of emotional aspect, (haha, sound seriously) I met an interesting man. He is a friend of my friend Jenny from CA, USA. He is like a fresh cool breeze passing me and making me awake. We are enjoying our time together. He lets me know more things from the thinking of a person who does not finish any colleges. Talking, teasing, sharing travel experiences are what we like. I really feel comfortable to talk to him. Esp, he has a big movie collection and he taught me how to use BitTorrent program which can allow me to download big size movies. Somehow, we have many common hobbies and viewpoints. He, the only one whom I firstly met, stays in my town longer than the others. I do hope this weekend we can spend a couple of times to hang out with my vietnamese friends in Saigon and visit my friend’s frozen yogurt store in Bien Hoa. This man makes me feel up for everything. I like to make him surprise with many traveling and meeting plans 🙂 I hope he does not think I am a boring and annoying woman, haha.

Another good news is my Uncle’s visit. He and his little daughter Kelly are arriving at TSN airport late tomorrow night. I am so sad that I cant meet them until Jul 24th; just spending 4 days with them – which is a very short time. I wish AJ could join them this time SO BAD. AJ just visited us once, 3 years ago. At that time, I did not talk to her much – well, first time, first meet. I do really hope she will come back here again. I love to take her around my town. I still want to go to Go Quao town, Kien Giang to visit them. I have never been there before. I heard their house was rebuilt and looks kinda fance – a villa with large front yard (being used as a selling-smoothie place). When I have a chance, I take it for traveling.

Brandon is right, traveling and learning. Be friendly and you will get friendly react 🙂

One more thing about coffee shops in Cantho which  makes me embarrasing. There are hundreds of places in my town but I just know a few. How come? Last night, I went to Them Xua Cafeshop with a friend. That is a good place, both for friends and couples. There is a small live music every night starting from 8:00pm. Extra service fee is 10.000vnd/person. Drinking menu is fine; nothing special. The special thing of the shop is TRINH music. OMG, I love this. I listened to “Khoc cho nhung xac nguoi” and I really enjoyed it. I will come back there soon. Maybe alone. Deeping myself on Trinh music, floating on my memoriesn of the last days, and enjoying the music. I wish loulou could get here once; I know you love this kind of music and I have never ever taken you to such a place before. Maybe you did with your friends, who knows 😛

To end my busy July, I will do something strange, rebellious and funny. I have not thought of anything. I will write about it later 🙂


One thought on “Busy Late July

  1. Hello Angela,

    Now you know why we could not tell you anything about the production in board in late July: big production for a reality-like show, Non-disclosure agreements that threaten you with tens of millions of dollars’ worth o penalty before they even throw you to court.

    A little US-style over-the-top legal paranoia reminds us we are happy in our less formal world, where common sense is an acceptable rule.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good vibe.

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