Return to Eden (1983)

From Wikipedia

Stephanie Harper (Rebecca Gilling), a dull, “plain jane” heiress, marries a handsome but unscrupulous tennis pro, Greg Marsden (James Reyne), who promptly begins an affair with Stephanie’s best friend Jilly Stewart (Wendy Hughes). Greg and Jilly then plot to murder Stephanie and lay claim to her fortune. Greg pushes Stephanie into a crocodile-infested river, and watches as she is apparently mauled to death. However, Stephanie survives and is found washed up on a beach. She meets Dave Wells (Bill Kerr) who nurses her back to health but she is horrifically scarred from her encounter with the crocodile. Dave gives her a fortune in precious jewels and she leaves to find someone who can restore her looks. She goes to an island and meets Dr. Dan Marshall (James Smillie), a brilliant plastic surgeon who uses his talents to repair her face and body. After the bandages are removed, Stephanie has been transformed into a beautiful woman. Using the alias Tara Welles, which Dave has given her, Stephanie returns to Sydney and becomes a glamorous supermodel, whilst plotting her revenge on Greg and Jilly and take back what is rightfully hers, particularly her beloved home. Hence the title “Return to Eden”.

I cannot find any book review about Return to Eden. Sometimes I wonder whether they based on the novel to make a film or vice versa. I also cannot collect enough video clips of the film on YouTube.

Anyway, it is one of my fav Australian series/books 🙂


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