The Blue Lagoon (1980)

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon


Two children shipwrecked alone on a tropical island. Nature is kind. They thrive on the bounty of jungle and lagoon. The boy grows tall. The girl beautiful. They swim naked over coral reefs. They run in a cathedral of trees. And the warm winds, the tropic moon, the silk sand conspire to enchant them. When their love happens, it is natural as the sea, and as powerful. Love as nature intended to be.

A sensuous story of natural love.

Plot summary

On a Journey to San Fransico Richard, his father and cousin Em find them selves on a ship about to explode. Rushed to a life boat with Paddy Button, the two children escape while their Father (and Uncle) are on another life boat. In the chaos following the life boats are separated. Paddy, Richard and Em find themselves with no food and no water stuck in the middle of no where. After some time the 3 come across an uncharted paradise, where Paddy quickly teaches the children fishing, hunting and building. after maybe a month or two Paddy gets very drunk off a barrel of rum found on the island when they first arrive, and drowns in the middle of the night. Em and Richard now alone and very scared move location and rebuild their island home. Many years later the 2 young teenagers have developed a very real home, but hormones and feelings between the 2 strain the friendship, until Richard who is still very determined to reach San Fransico is let down by Em when a ship passes by the Island and she does not light the signal fire. Throwing her out of the home they had built together Em attempts to survive on her own but is hurt. After Richard finds her dying realizes how he really feels for her and manages to save her. Nature runs its course and the friendship turns in to love as the couple learn about the facts of life, when Em has a baby and does not understand why. Written by Bree Pearson

Richard and Em are children when shipwrecked and marooned alone on a lush tropical island. By the time they are rescued, they have learned a great deal about life and are raising a child of their own. Written by Paul Emmons {}

Two young children are swept up on a desert island after a shipwreck. The film follows them as they grow up and become more mature, without the intervention of grown ups. Written by Colin Tinto {}

Two young children are the sole survivors of a shipwreck in a time when sailing was the only way of travel. They are stranded on a tropical island, a real paradise. Together, Richard and Emmeline have to survive, which is quite easy as there are no dangerous animals on the island. Years later, the two teenagers are living in a self-constructed hut, strange emotions start influencing their relationship. Although they had no grown-ups to educate them for all that time, the behaviour of the two always stayed in a very civilized way. Nature takes its course, and Emmeline gets pregnant, totally unaware of the fact that a child is growing inside her. On the night their boy is born, Richard finds out about the origins of the drums they hear from time to time from the forbidden side of the island. Written by Julian Reischl {}

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