May 22 – Hue (aka The Old Kingdom)

So, I made it to Hue; tried real Hue food; and rode a motorbike to visit 2 royal tombs.

I still remember directions in Hue a bit, esp in Citadel area.

We got bun bo Hue which was better than that my brother and I got in Hue last summer. We also had banh khoai, bo dum, goi thap cam va che Hue. I was so glad to meet my friend Candice. It was a year since I saw her. She, her boyfriend Topher and her friend Tuan took us to a local Hue restaurant – Vuong Ai, in Vi Da where my friend Lucas took my brother and I last year. I like that place.

Recommendation for Restaurant in Hue:

Vuon Ai Restaurant: is in the alley of Nguyen Sinh Cung. There are Vietnamese style mixed salad, and bo dum.

Bo Dum or Cha Dum

Bo Dum or Cha Dum

Hanh Restaurant: at the end of Hai Ba Trung street. There are banh khoai and nem nuong

Che Cam: still on Nguyen Sinh Cung, about more than 5 minutes walking from Vuon Ai restaurant. She has been selling around different 10 kinds of sweet porridge. 3000vnd/glass (regarding to mixed or single one)

Sweet Porridge

Sweet Porridge

We decided to rent 3 motorbikes to visit royal tombs instead of renting a minivan and a guide. My friend on CS – Deamond – joined us, but he could not ride. Anyway, he helped me a lot take photos while I was riding. It rained and we ignored. We rode in the rain. My bike was a bit annoying and I did not get used to use it so I spent a bit time on how to use it. It was fun 🙂 Nice-view roads, clouds, and  good partners made the trip NEAT.

Huong River

Huong River

We got lost a bit since whenever we asked for direction, we got many different ways to go. We did ride on National Highway 1 heading to Saigon on our trip, haha. We just got enough time to visit 2 Royal Tombs there: Khai Dinh and Minh Mang.

Our Group inside Citadel, Hue

Inside Minh Mang Royal Tomb

This is one of the royal tombs I prefer. I feel peaceful and quite in my mind. I wish I could spend a couple of hours there to read and enjoy the atmosphere for myself.

Che Cam - A Good Che Stall in Hue

Che Cam - A Good Che Stall in Hue

Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach

We stopped in Lang Co for haft an hour. I will come back there soon because it is so beautiful 🙂

Hue, I still love this city!


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