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Sharp & stylish. The new G-Ms collection of watches is the perfect balance of metal and resin composite design for an elegant yet sporty look. Six studs embedded in the bezel and highly polished mirror-like surfaces stand out in sharp contrast in this totally modern design.

Cost: $160.00


Lightweigh Tripod

Lightweigh Tripod

Detailed Lightweight Tripod Description

a) Folded height: 450mm
b) Max. height: 1,280mm
c) Min. height: 415mm
d) Weight: 705g
e) Max. load capacity: 2kg
f) Max. tube diameter: 19.8mm
g) Closed channel legs
h) Central column lock
i) Locking for camera screw
j) Central bracing

Inner packing:
Box dimensions: 95 x 95 x 450mm

Outer packing:
10pcs / ctn
Dimensions: 505 x 210 x 470mm

Our Lightweight Tripod comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guranteed.





SD Card Reader

SD Card Reader

and more…

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