February 10, 2009 – Love Affair

“You will have a boyfriend; even get married in the period of age 26 to age 30”, said the fortune teller last Tet week. I do not mean to make fun at her nor at what she told me; nor believe such things.

Then, I watched a movie call “Ra gieng em cuoi ai?” – Whom are you getting married with next Jan? (my translation). It is about 30-ish lady, who is good at business stuffs, a good daughter at home, a totally modern independent woman. Her parents worry for her since she does not have any boyfriend and no plan for marriage. The movie sort of tells the truth in Viet Nam that parents always cares for their children. Sometimes, they overact.

I watched this movie with my parents who do not say anything to me about my personal life. I thank them that they do not push me on such a thing.

I do not worry if I have or do not have a boyfriend. I have many things to do for my life.

I am happy to attend my friends’ weddings and I am happy for them as long as they are all ready for the marriage life and they are willing to do that.

I just ask for only 2 things: Stop asking me which grade I am studying and if I wanna have a foreigner boyfriend. These questions make me sick. That’s it.


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