January 14, 2009 – Asshole!!?!

Sorry for my bad words but I am so pissed off now. I dont know how long I can stand such customer services and the way they manage or operate.

Customer – Post Office – Bank – Money Transfer Services; or something like that. I bet lots of ppl know and at least once in our life, we receive package/money from a friend/a relative abroad. Then, surely I know how fucking asshole those services are (well, let me clear it no bad services, just bad ppl do those services)

Fuck. I dont know why they can ask me such a quizzical question: “Who sent this package to you?”; “What are they in the package?”.

Then, regard to my full name, my friends always call me Angela or Thao and when they write down, it often is Angela Huynh or Thao Huynh. I told them about silly post office system in VN though and noted them about my shipping address. However, fucking asshole CTPO did fucking silly thing.

“Can I see your ID?”
“Sure, here you are”
“What is your name?”
“Why is it THAO HUYNH on this package?”
“I think my friends in foreign countries dont remember how to write the fullname in Vietnamese style; so they put my full name in a different order. But, please, my name is on my ID, and you are keeping it.”
“Your name and your home address on this package is not the same with those on your ID. There is no NGOC on this package. There is a C on ur address while no C on your ID.”
“(\\whisper myself:darn!// – please check because I have come here many times; last time is 3 weeks ago and received a lot of packages and the others dont ask me such questions. I assure that I will take all responsibilities for this package.”
(my shipping add is different from the actual address: 77C and 77. but its not my fault. The fucking local authority made and gave it to our family. We have tried to change but they dont allow. How fuck complicated they make!)
“No, I cant. Go back home and ask your local authority to prove your are THAO HUYNH and your home add is 77C”
“How can they do that? Since, 77 and 77C were made by them and they made a mistake. They dont change it for me. And, they will not prove anything about related to names.”
“If they dont prove, that means you are not THAO HUYNH.”
“\\tried to control myself – but still couldnt stop saying fuck you//”….
This ended my beautiful morning – It made me pissed off. They look educated and nice but just mean and stupid girls. How can they say they dont know Thao is first name and HUYNH is last name… Dont they know English? Heizz, how can they still work there?

I know there is PO regulation; but they should consider my case and at least let me talk to the supervisor or who else can analyze and suggest a good solution than just saying : No, I cant. Prove it and I will give this package to you. How dare do they talk like that to their clients?

Sometimes, I try to believe in a new Vietnamese young generation but they let me down so many times. Fuck them all!

(sorry nhe, minh dang rat la pissed off. Co le se co nhung cau generalize. Co nhung cau rat la bad. Nhung ma … )


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