January 01, 2009 – New Day New Year

So, today is the first day of year 2009.

So, I (technically) turn to 26. Yeah!

Staying at home.

Waiting for a call from a far away place (hehe, its my bro’s call).

Not finishing my 2009’s resolution yet.

No emailing to anh (should I?).

Not finishing my 2009’s traveling plan yet.

Many things I have not finished yet.

2008’s Report

Achievement: operation calendar for 3 cruises; taking outbound tours; and so on

Books: a lot – from friends ^^. Im gonna collect enough books by Marc Levy in Vietnamese; some more books by Nicolas Sparks in English. Yeah!

Bonus for year 2008: not much – whatever!

Boyfriend: ZERO. Please stop asking me about this. Thanks!

Fine: 1 – from work. Fuck! not much but it’s still my money.

Friends: a lot – from many countries. Love them all.

Farewell: 1 – my brother. I’ll try my best to be there with him on his graduation day.

Travel: 3 countries – Cambodia, VN and Laos.

2009’s Resolution

Since it has not been finished yet but below are things I’ll definitely do

Books: more books by Nicolas Sparks and of course other kinds of book.

Camera: my beloved Nikon D40, please wait for me. I’ll bring you home!

Job: stay the same until I get what I want

Travel: 3 more countries – Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Bonus for VN trip with my parents

Study: get a new iBT TOEFL. For what? for nothing. Juz wanna challenge myself – time pressure!

So, what else!?

Happy New Year to all ^^

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