Looking For A New Pro Camera

I used to have and play with SonyCybershot for a while. It is just 6.0 megapixel but it is very neat. I took many good pix by using it. I gave it to my brother though since he left for USA. I do not regret for my action. He needs an amature camera for taking photos of his daily life there. It is enough for his purpose and he is not really keen on taking photography like I do.

Honestly, I can afford for a new SonyCybershot right now. However, I want to upgrade my level. I want a professional camera. I want to take qualify photos. I am learning some terms and do hope they are helpful for good pix.

There are many good branches to choose. I am kinda confused. But later, I think, there are two companies that I should consider: Canon and Nikon. Now, I am narrowing my purposes of taking photos so that I can find a good and reasonable camera with suitable configuration.

I wonder if anyone can give me recommendations. I am reading on http://www.dpreview.com.

  • My budget is ~600 up to ~900USD
  • Branch: Nikon or Canon

So, I start diggin’ on Nikon first.

Nikon D700: look normal; as other amateur camera; better than my SonyCybershot.

Nikon D90: kinda similar


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