A Geek – That’s What I Am Sometimes Called

Below are some definitions which are found on  Google about GEEK. Check them out!

Geek is a common term for someone who is obsessed by their computer, and has achieved a high level of expertise in their chosen area. …

Short for computer geek, an individual with a passion for computers, to the exclusion of other normal human interests. …

Used in a nice way it is someone who seems to know everything there is to know about computers. Geeks tend to spend every possdible waking minute glued to their computer. …

A person who knows all the terms listed here and many more. Normally wears a tanktop, thick rimmed glasses and a bow-tie. …

That is a funny word. Sometimes people – my friends, my relatives, and my coworkers – call me such a name. I do not mind much and obviously I do not care. I love computer and high-tech (if they say so). I love my Dell, my iPod and other stuffs. I also want to own more high-tech stuffs but seems I need to save up money for that plan. LOL

I have been spending this Saturday on fixing my home computer. There are some virus on it. I am also lazy to do everything myself. I will ask it to be reinstalled tomorrow. I make a to-do list for it

  • A new RAM
  • Divide the hard disk
  • Reinstall Window OS (which I hate a lot but my parents cannot use Linux), MS Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)
  • Set up ANTI-VIRUS program which I do not need when I use Linux
  • Then, set up other neccessary programs such as iTunes, Mozzila, Unikey for Vietnamese typing, Skype for calling phone.
  • Also, do some check-up for sound card, video card and internet connection

The list seems easy to do, but why do I need to do all myself? I have to care of my data which will take me lots of time.

Things are messed up with my high-tech stuffs, so I have to work them out.

  • iPod: songs all are on iPod but I cannot play. I cannot connect it to my computer as well. It shows that I have to restore my iPod, which means I will probably lose my data. Then, I have to move all my data to my silly slow computer. Restore iPod. Copy data back to iPod.
  • .mp3 songs: Linux converts my songs automatically to .ogg. So, again I have to spend time converting them back to .mp3 to upload to my iPod
  • upload .mp3 to host: because I am using Linux, I need a different program to upload my .mp3 songs to a host online where I can share them to a friend of mine or plug it to my blog.

Pfff…I do not know what you guys will think for those things; maybe killing-time solution?!

Anyway, laptop and desktop are running now. I need to wait until they are done at least in 1hr. So, time for listening to music: JAZZ, here we come!!! ^_^


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