This August Seems Hard

Hix, 1st 2 weeks of Aug seems damn hard for me. Upset. Disappointed. Disrespected. *sigh*

All are just about office stuffs.

Should I go or should I stay?

yay, thats the life! Stop complaining!!

@ the certain point of time, I wish I could be in someone’s warm arms. Wake up and know that just my parents around me. Those are not arms I am talking about but it is better than nothing.

Simple working routine is getting more simple and boring to me. I am afraid of repeating. I wan to challenge myself. What I thought would be good is becoming ZERO. Same stuffs repeat over and over. What else do I want?

Had a long good talk with a friend of mine; even though later he made me a bit disappointed. Friends around; that’s good, but not the best.

Always having a feeling of lacking someone, something. How come?

Disappointed of myself for being disoriented.

Afraid of some invisible stuffs.

I am trying to finish what I started and then … Not sure, but new place, I guess.

C’mon, I can make it through this August.


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