New Month – New Things

This month is August.

I have many new things to get used to.
My brother is in USA. I have to learn to live alone – very far from my brother – kinda a only child but in charged of taking care of my parents.

New employee in the office. I have to learn to train, help and supervise her – very hard because I do not wanna become a strict supervisor while I force my business to be made smoothly and well-done – i.e bringing the best services to my guests. Since I got back from my summer vacation, there have been some incidents which I could put them under my control if… Well, things passed. We MUST learn from them.

New friend – not really brand-new one. He is very different from whom I have known before. He is my new neighbor because Evan moved out. His name is Brian – a Ph. D Fullbright fellow. He is very knowledgeable but quiet as well. I love to talk to him but I find hard to start conservations with him. I have to learn to think more maturely than saying some nonsense stuffs with people.
I have to learn the critical thinking. When my friends ask me why, I take time to find good reasons for my answers. They have thoughtful ideas while I have simple answers.
I do not wanna think much or I cannot think much. Two things are completely different.

New relationship – I am trying to restart – rebuild the new relationship with anh. I am making it good now. Somehow I have the feeling that anh does not believe that I can make it. Even though many things happened to us, when I say I wanna start over, I really mean that and I CAN do that.

Still have free time until October. Two relaxing months for rearrange the rooms – my room and my bro’s one; for making new furniture in our house; for pasting new wallpaper on my room’s wall; for being a good girl after spending much time outside 😛


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