Jul 08 – Ending Summer Vacation for Good

Siem Reap had a farewell for me by shooting a 30min firework show in the early morning, around 3.45am. I did not know what happened. At first I though it was a fighting because it is kinda tight in Cambodia when there is an election coming soon. Then, I found out it was not as I thought. It was firework. I could not get back to sleep since there were many boom-booms outside. Man, I love to see firework but 4am in the morning is not the good time at all. (God, I did wake up Brian to tell him what was happening, dunno why I did that)

I take a plane @ 1.30pm today.

This morning, we all had a short visit @ FAO office in Siem Reap. That is a nice building and it seems every employee there owns a latest laptop. Man, they are so fluent at using them, esp GIS. Surprised!

We met and talked a bit with David Thomson – a team leader of one project there. He is nice and friendly with Scottish accent 😛

Then, we had a French breakfast at Le Bastriot de Paris (or something like that) where I had corque-madame, hehe (gees, I need to ask Evan n Brian about the name of some food again, I think I forget some of them or at least how to write their names).

It was so sad to say good bye to those nice people. Well, we will get together soon in Cantho, right guys?

@ the airport, after I got my boarding pass, I had to pay for the customer service charge or something 25bucks. C’mon, how come? Anyway, I must do that if I wanna get back home. God! Cannot believe it.

Angkor Wat from the sky

I took an Airbus which is very comfortable for me. I read all the time because I bought my favorite book – THE NOTEBOOK by Nicolas Sparks in Siem Reap. I thought I would take a taxi to Saigon Express Office in District 5.

When I arrived, I came and ask some tourist information desk about the price. It was too high; more than 10 bucks for a short distance. How come??? I just paid 4 bucks for 6-7 km drive in Siem Reap. One guys told me that he could take about 15bucks. C’mon. I did not wanna waste such a big money like that. I took bus instead which costed me like 6000VND – 1/3 of 1 dollar. So cool. I could have a city tour as well. I dont mind.

I caught a 5pm bus to back home. It rained a lot. I slet during the trip. I was very tired and sleepy.

Mom picked me up @ 9pm. I am so glad to be @ home ^__^


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