Jul 04 – Siem Reap, Cambodia – Last trip of this summer vacation

As I mentioned on the last entry, I would make the trip to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap and more with my friends who are so generous and kind to me.

I took a plane @ 12.20 pm which was delayed until 1.20 pm. God, why do they always do that to me? That was my 4th delayed flight I have got from the beginning of my trip on this summer vacation. That also meant Brian and Evan arrived @ Siem Reap earlier than I. However, VN Airline gave me a small lunch with 2 options: pho or spaghetti. Well, I ordered spaghetti and 7Up. That was enough for me. Then, on board, they also gave me a small lunch box included a small sandwich, a small plastic jar of water and a Kit-Kat 🙂

Siem Reap International Airport is bigger a bit than Luang Prabang one. Both are well-equipped and air-conditioned. I had to pay for visa even though I am a Vietnamese and just would stay there in 5 days. I was the first one on the line so I believed I would not wait for a long time to have my visa done. Yeap, I am right but just for the first desk – giving that officer my passport and money. With the second desk, I had to wait for 10 min to get my passport back because that other officer were busy talking on phone with someone. With the rest procedures, I was fine. They did not ask me anything. Brian and Evan waited for me outside @ a cafe shop with the tuk-tuk driver.

From the airport to Siem Reap’s downtown, it is around 6km. Dusty road. Full of hotels along the streets with Khmer style. Our hotel is right next to Siem Reap river. That is a small home-style hotel. I really love my room which is so good and well-decorated. A big bed. A long mattress to sit down and read and a funny shower in the bathroom. Outside, it is a small yard with big chair and big umbrella and many small bonsais. I love the setting.

After checking-in and taking a quick shower, we met up with Paul Molyneaux – Brian’s friend who is working for FAO in Siem Reap and “a veteran of commercial fisheriman, and aquaculture worker turned journalist, examines the first prediction in his book, “The Doryman’s Reflection.”  In his second book, “Swimming in Circles,” he looks at aquaculture’s role in the ongoing demise of ocean systems.” We walked down to the Old Market of Siem Reap, had a look at some kinds of fish which was caught @ Tonle Sap Lake. Then, we stopped at a small restaurand for drink – Le Tigre de Papier or The paper tiger. I got Chocolate Yogourt Shake which was so good. I just tried yogurt with Cafe though. Then, we continued to wander on Pub Street. I love the alleys there. All houses there have French styles. Somehow it reminded me of some blocks along Ninh Kieu Quay.

I of course would not know what we would go and do when we were there. I just followed Brian, Evan and Paul. 🙂

Tomorrow we thought we would discover more about this town.


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