Jul 03 – One day in Saigon again

We took a bus of Saigon Express Company @ 4am. I did not sleep much last night. It was the first time I sat @ the back seat of the bus. I always love new experience which later I might not take again, hehe.

Brian, as usual, is a serious guy whom I’d love to talk to. He paid for 1 extra seat because of his big vali. Evan did not feel good during the trip. He had been sick for a while. Three of us tried to sleep on the way. I thought Evan made it longer than us – Brian ‘n I. I just slep around in 30 mins when we were around Long An. I talked a bit in Vietnamese with Brian. He is so good at it 🙂

We arrived @ Saigon a bit earlier than I thought. We paid a bit extra money for the shuffle bus driver so that he could give us a ride to our hotel. Evan was in charge of looking for a hotel for us. He talked about 1 on Bui Vien St which he used to stay before. Then, he did not like the room size much. So, we – Brian and I – drank some cafe sua da while Evan continued to look for another one.

Finally, we found one on Pham Ngu Lao Street which is well-known for khu pho Tay – Foreigner Backpacker Quarter in Saigon. Evan had something to do so Brian and I stayed for a while @ the hotel to wait for Brian’s friend – Toan. Because Brian needed to meet up with another friend – Rylan for lunch, so within a couple hour, we wandered @ Cho Ben Thanh – Ben Thanh Market – the biggest one in Saigon in which there are 8 entries. It was fun to walk around to see people buying and selling. I did not talk much to Brian and Toan because I thought they had something about work to talk.

Then, three of us stopped by a bookstore for me to buy one postcard and also stopped by Bach Dang Ice cream for a short resting. It was cool inside. I got Eskimo – I always love it 🙂

Then, around 12.30pm, Brian took us to Black Cat – small restaurant in District 1. Oh honestly, again, it was my first time to go to such a place where there are so many foreigners and foreigner style. Rylan, who is working for CET, recommended me a burger. Okie, I have never had a real one, at least look like what they are selling @ Black Cat. So, I ordered one named Gardfield 😛 and one Coke. Oh God! that was the biggest burger I’ve ever had in my life. It was so delicious. Brian got a double-size one. Geezz…I wondered if I could finish it :P. Well, I did finish but I was the last one.

After a big lunch, we all went to Museum War on District 3 next to Victory Hotel. I was there before so this time I took time to read more captions and explanations @ the museum. Then, we got back to the hotel because we planned to watch Indiana Jones @ Diamond Plaza tonight. We passed through a cool park. I love it.

We got back to the hotel right after Evan left for his Consultant Party’s 4th July. We took shower and watched a bit Spiderman 3. We had late dinner and went to Diamond Plaza then. Man, it was too late. I felt bad for letting Brian and Toan go with me to the cinema where all were late. So, going back to the hotel is a good option so far. We had a long travel day on the next day.

Ah, one more embrassing thing that I cannot stand the freezeness because they set the AC 17 degree. I had to increase it up to 25 degree which was hot for them. Sorry guys 😛

View from my hotel room


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