Jul 01 – All Day with Cool People in Can Tho

So, I spent all day going out with my friend, Rebecca and her family – all are so nice and fun. We had pho in late morning @ pho Nga and met Be – a little girl working there with her family. Then, we had some cafe sua da @ a nearby cafe – Han Huyen Wifi cafe shop while Rebecca got back to the hotel for her stuffs. Evan could not join us because he had something to do with his paper but later @ dinner, he came with us 😛

Around 1.00 pm, all of us got on taxi and headed to Bac Hai’s house. It was so touch when 2 families – Vietnamese and American ones – got together and are so much in love with their cute girl – Rebecca. I am so happy for her and for them. I just miss Megan and all girls staying @ my house a lot. I wish one day they could make it back to Nam like Rebecca.
So, here we are – all on a small boat

Family Reunion – West met East

@ dinner, Duy took us to quan 111 to have thit chuot – rat meat. Geez, that is my first time to eat such that kind of meat. Just look at my face and you’ll see. LOL 😛

Evan, Jake – Rebecca’s bro and her drank some cobra wine, hehe. I cannot drink wine so I could not join them. That was the fun time 🙂

Jake & Evan

Evan and Rebecca

I was so lucky to have nice friends like them. What do I need more when I have an amazing family and cool friends around me?

Thanks Rebecca for your photos which are posted on my entry. I wish I could meet up with her and her family soon in the States.


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