June 23 – Wandering in Luang Prabang

I decided to spend all 4 days in the town instead of taking any elephant tour or trekking tour.

I really love this town. Special style. Effected Western style.

I love walking around the Night Market to see people doing trade and making traditional stuffs.

Hmm, sometime I feel a bit lonely but soon that feeling was gone away because I tried to talk to the local people, and of course to the other foreigner tourists. So my days here were passing very quickly.

I am a bit surprised – always during the trip that some people said my English is really good and they thought I studied abroad  or I was a Singaporean or something like that. However, when I confirmed that I am a Vietnamese and working as a tour operator, they smiled and somehow respect that. I love to tell them about my country, my city and my company’s services. I made friend with many people. Really nice!

I love the time in Luang Prabang the most (I stayed here from 22 to 26 June)


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