June 22 – Luang Prabang, Laos

I was the first one done checking in procedures. Yeap, sure thing. I was in the airport a whole night so I was the first one. Everything was smooth. The custom officer asked me the trip’s purpose and why I traveled alone. Then, they let me through.

Well, I continued to sleep while I was waiting for my flight. I bet I looked terrible at that time. The other passengers definitely asked themselves why that little girl looked so bad like that. I wish I could have enough energy to tell them all about what they did to me and the others last night.

So, finally, I got on board and still sleepy. When I woke up (by a bip of announcement) I knew I was in the sky of Luang Prabang, Laos already. I missed chance to take photos from the high place like that. Luckily, that sleep helped me awake a lot 😛

Nobody believed I am a Vietnamese until I showed them my passport and they – Laos custom officer – asked me to go to a different gate. I did not pay for my visa because I am a Vietnamese. That is so sweet.

When I got out the terminal, the guest house’s person was there already to ride me to the Amata Guest house. He is very nice and polite. I arrived a bit earlier so my room was not ready. I decided to have early lunch and a short visit around my guest house’s area.

Tamarin is so nice and I really love it. They have a very cool juice which is of course very popular in Viet Nam – nuoc da me = tamarin juice + ice. They have very good choices for lunch and dinner. I spent a long time time there to eat and drink and enjoy the Wat opposite to it. I also bought some things for my mother: a small jar of tamarind and coconut jam and lao-lao, a local wine rice which can be mixed with Sprite

Then, I started to walk around a bit. On the way, I met Scott – a guy from Scottland – and we made friend and we accompanied to finish the walking tour in Luang Prabang which I supposed to do tomorrow. Never mind. Scott stayed here a couple day before I arrived so he knew a bit about this town. It was so cool to have a friend (even a newest friend) to walk and talk together. We finished the tour @ a drinking place where we got some fresh and cold drink. He got Sprite and I got Beer Laos. Yay, so cool!
Mekong River

One part of the town near the river bank

One of the streets on the town

One of wats

After that, I thought I would continue to visit the Luang Prabang National Museum but it was closed (I did not see anyone to ask when it would be opened again). And  outside it was so hot. I need to sleep though. So, I got back to my guest house, checked in and tried to sleep like a rock.

My room was really nice; and nicer and more sweet for a couple not a single female traveler like me. I wish I could spend awesome days here with someone – but of course, nobody with me right now. So, sleep! hehe


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