June 21 – Second Travel Day (Hoi An to Da Nang, to Ha Noi)

We were already for the long travel day today. My brother would fly back from Danang to Saigon and then take a bus back home alone. We took Sinh Cafe bus to arrive Da Nang a bit early. Danang airport is really small. We spent most of the time reading books (to kill time). My brother flew @ 1.30pm, and mine was @ 10.30pm. What did I suppose to do in the airport?

Luckily, after my brother flew, a friend of mine – Candice who I just made friend when we hung out in Hue with Luke and Olivia – came and pick me up to the city. We spent a whole afternoon in Cham Museum and drinking nuoc mia – sugarcane juice – @ a place near Song Han – Han River. We had a very good talk and good time together. We had dinner at a food stall which is recommended by Lonely Planet but to us it is not really cool.

Candice tried to ride me to the airport (I really appreciated for all she did for me today) but we got lost. There are so many roundabouts in Danang and all of them look similar to each other, I swear. It is really confused for strangers like us.

I checked in on time and still had time to finish another book. My flight was delayed. I arrived @ Noi Bai airport @ 12am. God! I thought I was allowed to sit on the chair inside the terminal and get some sleep before the next flight on 6am. However, because of the security of the terminal, I and the other passengers were not allowed to do that. We all were asked to stay outside or go anywhere we want. They did not care about the passengers’ safety. F@#k them all!

So, what could I do? I sat on the walking side and tried to sleep a bit; just about 1 hour. How could I sleep while I had to care of my backpacks? I also tried to talk a bit to the others. They were also surprised for this. All of us thought that in such a big international airport where the flights come in and out 24/7. In reality, nothing is like that.

At least, they opened the terminal 1 hrs earlier, @ 4am. I was so exhausted completely!!!

and of course, I did not like Viet Nam Airline service. I hate it but I have to use it because there is no choice!


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