June 20 – Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

Okie, today is our last day in Hoi An. We remember all ways in Hoi An town (hihi, it is really small). So what are you gonna do now? yeap, of course I will not ruin my last day in such a pretty town. Evan, my brother and I rented bikes and we made a tour to the island nearby. That was a right decision. That tour was so cool. We biked to remote (well kinda) places; along the river; among the corn fields. Our bikes. Hoi An town on the background

Evan-my friend and my brother – Corn filed on the background

It is really nice to live there. We also stopped by an Exchange Book place where Evan made some exchanges and got some books. That guy – the owner – owns a very nice house. We also tried banh dap – a local dish and che buoi. Hmm, they were weird; different taste. Well, I think we would use banh dap with something sweet like honey or sugar or caramel or something like that but they served it with FISH SAUCE. Man, that fish sauce is really heavy to me. Surprised!!! 🙂 In the afternoon, we had a quick lunch. Evan headed to his conference. My brother and I went to Cua Dai beach – one of the famous beach in the Central Viet Nam. Man, we followed the instruction of the local people and we went to a very empty beach; just a few Vietnamese. It is not Cua Dai beach. Then we biked more than 15km to get the right way back to Cua Dai beach. We just finished a long road and found out that there is only one restaurant near the sea. Well, anyway, we had a very long but fun bike. We saw many awesome resorts along the golden sand beaches. I do not know when I can stay overnight @ one of those resorts.

My brother was playing with waves on East Sea of Viet Nam

Finally, we got to Cua Dai beach. Oh man, that was the first time going to the beach for my brother. I could not swim so of course I did not swim. I laid down on the wonderful beach and read and enjoy the rest of my last day in Hoi An. I also walked along the beach, watching people playing and swimming. Nice view! How small I am in front of the sea. I cannot swim so I just walked along the beach 🙂

One scene on the way back to our hotel

We got back to the hotel around 5pm and we also stopped by @ the post office where I sent some post cards and tried to withdraw some cash and I could not believe that my ATM card was kept because of wrong PIN. I had to call my bank to lock my account and send my card back to my city so that when I finish my trip, I can continue to use it. Unforgettable memory!


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