18 Jun – Kings’ Tombs

Because I did not wanna take risk riding motorbike, I decided to take tour (lunch included). They said the citadel tour was included but actually the tour guide just told us a very brief introduction about the citadel and then told us to buy admission ticket and discover the citadel alone. No way. I did not think so. Then, my brother and I walked around the citadel outside. Man, it is so large. It took us nearly 1hr to finish the walking. It was nice though.

Then, we visited 3 important king’s tombs: King Tu Duc, King Minh Mang, King Khai Dinh. Three tombs are very different in term of their position, structures, historic legends. Details will be added when I get home.

At the end of the trip, we visited Thien Mu pagoda, right next to Huong river. It is a nice pagoda.

We took a boat back to Hue which was not really safe. I dont like it.

At night, we hung out with Luke and Olivia’s friend, Candice who is a English teacher in Da Nang, from the same program as Olivia’s. We had dinner @ KFC which is brand new branch in Hue, hehe

All day was good to me.

Sleeping like a rock every night. It is so good to me 😉


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