17 Jun – The Citadel

I wrote on my journal a lot about this citadel but I did not time to write them all on this online journal.

One word for the citadel is AMAZING.

It is so large. My brother and I spent a whole morning and a bit afternoon to wander inside the citadel, every single corner, looked at every reminding stuffs there. Hmm, as I know, on the city tour, they let tourist to visit that place in about 1.5 hrs. How come tourists can visit all and enjoy the great citadel? Thats the reason why I did not take the city tour to the citadel.

After that, we tried some Hue’s specialties as banh khoai, banh beo, banh cuon. All are good.

At night, we met up with Luke and his girl. We had dinner at a small restaurant in Vi Da village. It was lovely. The food was delicious. I loved goi hai san (seafood salad). Then they took us to enjoy che which I really love to have. Oh, che in Hue is so good. It is different from che in Saigon or in my city. It is sweet but not very sweet. It is exactly like che my mom makes at home. One more thing about che here is that there are so many types of che and we can mix them together. I did try one: che bap (corn sweet soup) and che troi nuoc (floating balls sweet soup). I also saw a lady asking for a glass of mixed che about 7.000VND with more than 7 che together. Geez, I should try but I did not dare. I dont know if it is still tasty or not, hehe.

Great night ever!

Thanks Luke and Olivia, you guys are very nice 🙂


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