16 Jun – Hue

God, because of the incident of the train from the South, we were delayed around 6hrs. So, I arrived at Hue very lately, @3pm instead of 8am as I thought. My brother said God made a better plan than us so plan a little and just look forward the things ahead. Hmm….

On train, we made friend with 2 men working for NGO “tourism” – I’ve never heard that there is NGO for tourism. Anyway, now I knew, hehe

Hotels in Hue is kinda expensive but nicer than that in Hanoi. Hue’s accents are my problem. Its hard to understand what they talk unless you pay all your attention.

I spent the first afternoon with my brother @ the Indian restaurant, enjoyed the “Kaspa” (or something like that; which is grilled boneless chicken with cheese or something) and I got mango and yogurt – “mango lassi”. Man, it was so GOOD. We were all hungry after a long trip from Hanoi.

Yay, finally I got Indian food in Hue, hehe


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