15 Jun – Last day in Hanoi

I spent my last day in Hanoi quietly and kinda I did not do anything.

I had local pho with Phuong, Josh and my brother. It was so fun to hang out with them. This time we went to a pho place next to our hotel. People just crushed there to have pho in the morning. So, somehow I bet this place is kinda a good place. Well, actually it was not really good. I could not finish my pho. 😦

Then, getting back to the hotel to pack my stuffs and headed to Josh’s and waited for the night train to Hue.

Josh’s house is really cool. I love that style, but it is too high for me. I just love the way the house owner display things. Somehow, I will do similar with that way. 🙂 Josh needed to take a nap after a long night on bus from Hue so he let us free sitting in the cool living room. I finished the book “Ou tu es” by Marc Levy. And then, I sent a long email to my friend, checked out facebook (it is kinda addicted to me, hehe). Then, we (Josh, my brother and I) had lunch with Evan. Evan always makes me surprised. No plan for anything.

Josh took us to a veg place. It is good. Simple place but I think this is well-known for foreigners :P. After that, I spent all the afternoon @ Highland Coffee near Hanoi Tower while my brother visited Hoa Lo, the most famous prison in Ha Noi @ the war time.

@ 6pm we took a night train to Hue.


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