14 Jun – Ha Noi

To prepare enough energy for a city tour today, we got some pho. I know how pho in Ha Noi is already. This time, I took my brother to that place and try some. Well, he does not really like it

Pho Ha Noi

I spent a whole day in Ha Noi taking my brother around, visiting some highlight places and meet up with his friend.

So here are some places we visited in Ha Noi. I did visit them already 1 year ago with a friend of mine. I feel a bit proud to take my brother around because I still remember how to get there. That city is just familiar with me even though I used to stay around 10 days last year. Everything is still on my head as clearly as a mirror

The Huc Bridge – one of the symbols of the capital

Hoan Kiem Lake – the temple on the lake is also another symbol of the capital. I felt happy that this time I could zoom and take such a nice photo of that temple 😀

Ha Noi Post Office – The biggest one in the capital where we hid away from the rain on the last night there.

Ngoc Son Temple – its roof and trees.

Yay, Trang Tien Ice-cream – I don’t like such that ice-cream but it was fun and good because my good friend Phuong took us there and hung out with us 2 nights when we were in Ha Noi.

I saw Uncle Ho’s body in Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum after staying on the longest line I’ve ever known before. We thought it would take us hours to get inside the mausoleum but it did not really take much; just 15mins. Everyone has to move quickly so I guess I got like 2-3 mins to see his body putting on the glass coffin and being guarded by many special army units. No camera. No cellphone. No talking or making noise. No standing still in a long time. Well, there are many rules. They are right to do that. I don’t feel annoyed at all.

One fun thing is that many motor-taxi driver thought we were foreigners (I still do not understand why) and they told us the way for foreigners (that also mean we have to pay for the admission fee when we wanna visit the presidential palace of Uncle Ho). Moreover, when we went to the locker area to put our bags, the lady there asked me if I am a Vietnamese because they have a different area for foreigners. Nice! But I told her I am a Vietnamese and came from the South of VN. Well, I just get used to being misunderstanding like this. At first, I really felf annoyed but later, everything is alright to me. Who cares!?!

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Silt house of Uncle Ho

One-pillar pagoda

Literature Temple

I also took my brother to The Fine Art Museum before we had dinner @ Quan An Ngon where I had bun cha and he got com tam (one is in the North and one is in the South. That was fun)

Ha noi is unchanged.

I dont like Ha Noi food much.
I did not got to watch the Water Puppet Performance but looking at those puppets, I think it is not the big deal of the North trip.

water puppets

One day in Hanoi was not only simple and normal but also full of memories of last year.


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