11 Jun – Cat Ba Island

Left the terrible day on board on Ha Long Bay behind, I was so excited for the trip on Cat Ba island. I love climbing on mountains and I did not miss that chance to reach the peak of one of the mountains in Cat Ba National Park. On the way to the top, I made friend with many guys from Singapore, Swizerland, Belgium, Holland. They were very nice and friendly. We did have good time and fun together.

Here we are, on the top of that peak (Geez, I cannot remember its name but it is like 300 meters high, I think)

Hotel in Cat Ba island is alright. I did not spend much time staying there though.

At night, my brother and I rented the double-bike and biked around the town. Enjoy the town at night. Many Chinese tourists take tour to Cat Ba.

Loot at us! I love this moment! Feeling of Yo-MOST, LOL.

Yay, we made it. All of us 😉

I wish I could spend much time @ the national park. There are still many other peaks to reach there 🙂


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