10 Jun – Ha Long Bay

This is one street in Ha Noi in the early morning. You can breathe fresh air, hear the birds singing; feel very comfortable. However, this cannot last in a long time, just in a hour I think and then more people crush on the street and the traffic become more crowded and noisy. No more fresh air. Horn sound instead of bird’s songs. Man!

We got up really early since we started to go to Ha Long Bay in the morning. The company said they would pick us up @ the hotel @ 7am. Then they called me and said because of the traffic jam (man, I hate these 2 words) so they would be late a bit. @ 7.30am they came and all of us got on the mini bus (like 15 seater). We thought we would wait for a few minutes for someone coming. Actually the driver drove us around the Old Quarter in like half an hour for NOTHING. Then, @ 8am, 4 other guests who are foreigners came and we really started to go to Ha Long Bay. Thanks God!

On the way, there were many good and nice view to observe. We also saw a drunk farmer. I cannot believe that such those people can drink wine in the early morning. I bet he drank too much. He could not walk himself. God! The road to Hai Phong and Quang Ninh is well-constructed. It rained lightly but the sky was still clear enough for me to take photo 😛

This is the Highway No. 1. I like it. I did not feel motion sickness or something like that. I wish the road like this will be built more in the South.

On the way, we stopped by @ a resting place I guess where they call a handicraft store; which just look like some stores in Cai Be, Tien Giang Province. They have many good and beautiful stuffs but they are too expensive to buy.

We arrived @ Quang Ninh around 11 am. We went to a boat station where our boat was waiting for us. I just looked forward to this part of Ha Long Trip. I really wanna see the boat and how people manage so many boats on a not really big bay. That boat station is not really big but too crowded. On that day, I saw a lot of foreigner tourists; many of them are still very young. We had to wait like in 20 mins and finally we got on board – a very simple boat. I did not feel bad at that time because I thought I just booked a budget tour so that made sense.

But later, it was not really like what I thought. 1 day and 1 night on Ha Long bay was not as good as I suppose. Sadly, while I enjoyed the beautiful natural landscapes on Ha Long Bay, I got so bad tourism – customer services. That made my Ha Long trip boring and annoying.

The boat: very bad-equipped.

The crew: very mean and unfriendly.

The guide: is good enough to calm me down.

On my head at that time: What happen if one day the nature destroys that beautiful place and how the local people live?

I dont think they really care about that. They just try to take as much money as they can from the tourists’ pockets. F$#k them!

Disappointed for the trip on board

However, besides those dump things, I love Ha Long Bay’s sceneries a lot! So below are some photos of Ha Long Bay under my eyes

Ha Long Bay – a wide view I could have on the boat

A typical limestone among thousands of them on the bay.

One cave we visited by motor-boat on the bay.

Brother and sister on board 🙂
Waiting for the sunset

And here is the sunset on Ha Long Bay


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