09 Jun 2008 – Travel Day

Taking a kinda private bus from Can Tho city to Ho Chi Minh city took me more than 5 hours. I dont know why we always stuck on such stupid traffice jam @ the ferry station. We spent too much time on waiting for our turn. Geez. Many people are looking forward to the new bridge – Can Tho Bridge – Well, we’ll see!

Flight from HCMC to Hanoi was ok and a bit late.We were almost late because the driver did not really know the way to get to the airport well and once again we stuck on the traffic jam in saigon on the way to the airport. They just have streets repaired everywhere in the city every year. Too boring and tiring as well. We got to the airport like 1 hour prior the check-in procedure. I got lost and felt very stupid. We booked with Jetstar but I just headed to Vietnam Airline check-in box. God, so embrassing at that time :P. Anyway, we got on board, spent 2 hrs and 40 mins to arrive Noi Bai Airport around at 11pm. I slept on the way because there was nothing to see or talk on the plane, you know. Really tired!

The guesthouse in Lo Duc street was so DUMP and TERRIBLE. I know this place through a friend and some other tour guides. They said it is ok for me as a budget backpacker. Well, of course I care about the money but to this situation, it was so BAD. When I checked in, I got to my room and oh my god on the wall, it was wet because of the rain. The power was cut a couple of hours during the night. No fan. No AC. Superb hot!!!

Way to the guest-house

Such a terrible room!

We of course were so hungry and really wanna eat something before going to sleep. Around that area  there was no food stall or any stuffs like that. We tried to walk around and look for. Finally, we found one. I don’t think that I will call this place a food stall; it is just a PUB where people buy beer and some food and then drink in hours. We just ordered a few simple dishes like steamed rice, fork and fish and some soup. I almost fell to the floor when I got the bill. With those food, I would pay around 20 000VND per person. I still cannot believe the price they gave it to me. With such a big amount of money, I asked them for the VAT invoice, they said not, and then many silly reasons were listed. They even did not wanna give me the change back (not really much but I hate their behavior).

I never get back there again in my life.  I was so exhausted on that day and I dont wanna give any comment for that guesthouse.


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