My Day – Jun 04, 2008

Today is the most quiet day I’ve had ever. I did not get many gifts as I did a couple years ago. Some wishes from my friends from here and there.

Somehow, I have the feeling “the older I am, the more quiet and lonely I am”. One of my friends said it is not true; I am just more self-sufficient. Yeap, I think so.

birthday to Angela!!!

That e-card is from my online grandpa who has kept in touch with me for a long time. THANK YOU! I wish I could meet up with you somewhere on this world. Is there any chance for me?

Many wishes on Facebook 🙂

A BD cake from my best friend 🙂 Im posting its photo later because I cannot remember where the heck I put the recharger in my room.

One SMS from a coworker in Saigon 🙂

I am pleased for those and feel grateful. I am happy to have friends like you all.

However, today would be perfect if … >.<

Anyway, Angela, c’mon! New age. New position. New plan. You can make it work out!




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