Ready for the Coming Trips

I am leaving next week with my brother. First destination will be Ha Noi. We will take night flight with Pacific, aka Jetstar – a cheap flight. Some tips I have read on-line. It is kinda handy information, even though I traveled by plane before.

Traveling comfortably in an airplane

  • Chewing gum, yawning or sucking on hard candies can help to relieve the pressure that builds up in your ears as the airplane ascends and descends. If you have a cold, talk to your doctor about using a decongestant or nasal spray before boarding to help relieve the pressure.
  • Drink plenty of water while onboard the aircraft to avoid becoming dehydrated during the flight.
  • Do light stretching exercises in your seat and walk through the cabin frequently (when safe to do so).
  • Consult your physician if you suffer from airsickness; he or she may be able to prescribe medication for this.
  • The relatively low humidity in the cabin can make allergy or asthma symptoms worse; take preventative measures as necessary.
  • That is just a short flight around 2hrs. My brother will take a longer one. He need to learn more and get used to it.

    Hmm… nothing else to write now 🙂


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