Middle of May

I am not at good mood of writing blog. Many things happened in a short time. I need time to digest them.

I do not know if I feel happier or what else. Maybe. I should be pleased myself and proud of myself. I did it!

At work, well, now it is the low season. Time to relax, prepare, re-arrange and do training. New chapter. New position. New tasks. New ways. All for one purpose – Customer Services; to make sure that the clients will get the best service (well, just try my best). I definitely agree that I am a person for preparation; staying behind the stage and pull strings. Quietly. Invisibly. Effectively.

At home, a big event happened and all are happy and together to prepare for that. One part of my dream has come true. Just try and try and I do believe I can do. Somehow, when you look at one thing, do not believe it at the first look. It is different at all. Anyway, I am happy that at some certain moments, we find common points and work out together. Maybe there are fightings. That is called family. Happiness of every family is the same. Just happy and enjoy it!

Personally, plans are on the way. Trips are all waiting ahead. Ready to go. Do not ask me the trip’s purposes. There are thousands. Each trip will be updated on this blog (with or without photos). I have the best partner along the trip. More happily, I know what I will do after the trips. Back to the office with new plans, new things await, I feel more confident with new tasks.

Do not want to mention love on this blog. Do not ask me why.

Time for raining, thunders, lightening, wind and small storm. That’s all I love about it. I love my city at this time of the year. Wet. Cool. Biking to and fro from house to office. Feel. Think. Observe. What a life!

My favorite month is coming. My special day is coming.



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