Visa Card – Credit Card

Respect to Customers

Respect for your customers is essential to marketing success. Respect requires listening and it requires humility. One of the New York window washers who founded Snapple put it like this: “We never thought of ourselves as any better than our customers.” Sam Walton lived to this same standard his whole life. But how many successful entrepreneurs move on to lavish lifestyles, try to drag their brands to higher price points to improve their respectability, and in the process lose touch with the customers that brought them to the dance? (Posted by John Quelch)

It sucked last evening when I went shopping with mom and bro at Metro. I am not too picky or mean. I require them the customer’s respect. What do you think when you buy a package of cereal which unsealed at the bottom and 2 free magnetic stamps were gone. I cannot accept that. I required to talk to the supervisor. What I got? At first, that employee chatted with her coworkers and I had to find her around. She was supposed to be her lot – cereal lot. When I told her my complain, I got ‘unreasonable’ reasons. Such as the other customers wanted to check the quality of that package because they thought it was out of date. Oh, c’mon. If so, what is the expired date on the top of the package for? Why did they need to open all packages? My mom was careless to check that package in advance. Why didn’t they do the same to the other packages which did not offer any stamps? No matter which reason she told me, I couldn’t stand. I asked to talk to her supervisor. It took me a while to meet that guy. He did not say sorry to me. However, he promised to consider that problem. I do not want to ask them to give me back those two magnetic stamps. What I want them to do is to make clear why all those packages are opened in advance. What’s wrong? and Who did?

I require an proper apology. Is it possible?

Visa Card Payment

Credit card – A plastic payment card that is accepted by a merchants worldwide with an encoded magnetic stripe on the back that can be read at the point of sale.  Credit Cards offer card-members the ability to pay balances over time by applying an interest rate to outstanding balances.

Visa – Visa U.S.A. is one of the nation’s leading payment brands, backed by a secure payments network. Visa links more than 13,300 financial institutions, 6.9 million merchant acceptance locations and 520 million cards

Also, I felt much more disappointed than upset for their services which are related to customers. Hey, does that girl know how to recognise a Visa card and a domestic ATM card? What the heck happened? Which machine is broken? Doesn’t she think I know how to deal with Visa or Master card? Cash… I shoud not expect much that people prefer cards than cash. After all, being looked like foolish in front of many other people, I gave cash to that girl included some bad English words (sorry, I did not mean to do that but I was so upset. One thing I cannot understand why such a big wholesale chain system like Metro do not accept Visa/Master? Or, it just happens in my city? I need to call my bank to reconfirm those pieces of information. How is it useful for me to use that card? I do not want to use cash, so I chose cards. But, look at what is going on!


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