30 Apr – what is called a reunion day in my city

All were so exciting for that night.

All were so eager to join on that night.

Then, what all got?

Nothing, except for a regular hanging out with . friends as the other nights.

They told all that there were some special events, without telling when and where, just a very general piece of information which said there were some big events. That’s it! It sucks at all

First of all, the kite flying festival. Where was it? When was it?

Then, the lantern festival. Where was it? near the river bank. When was it? around 8pm. What did we see? Nothing, but electric bulbs on the streets. I was told that they would float the lanterns along the river bank. What I saw was some lantern floated randomly on the rivers. The street was full of people and vehicyles. What the heck was it going on there?

Totally disappointed for what they did. What is the National Tourism Year? Who cares?

Poor advertisement

Poor organization

Poor, poor and poor even though they have good ideas for tourism.

I felf ashame for what they did to the tourism here. My friends love this city but they can’t stand and me neither.

However, because we did not want ruin the cool night, we did make it cool. Taking some fun photos together. Walked to the downtown from my house. Joined in the long crowded line of people. Had some almond ice-cream and waffles. That was so good. Met some other friends. That was not bad at all. LOL

Yup, here we are


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