Indochina countries – Could I say that?

Indochina countries – that is the general name for 3 different countries in Southeast Asia and they named them for long time ago when I was not born. I personally do not like that name – so colony

However, now, I am writing about traveling to one of those three countries which are Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Nothing relates to my personal opinion why I do not like that name.
Vietnam – my ‘home sweet home’ – has the S shape. I have not traveled much but Mekong Delta where I was born. Well, there are so many things to talk about this peaceful place. So, next time!

Hồ Gươm – Gươm Lake – Hanoi

Cambodia – I just traveled there for my business trip and did not have enough time to discover its beauty. All time I spent there was in Phnom Penh – its capital. I do not like the crowded place as usual and I know that city will be soon a crowded one. Only one thing I love in that country is that people do not use horns. It is weird eh? While in VN, esp. in big cities like Hochiminh or Hanoi, horns of cars and trucks are pressed all the time and so wildly. In Phnom Penh, there so many cars (seems they are richer than we). People there do not often make awful noise by such silly horn. Well, only impression so far

Center Market – Phnom Penh

Laos – here I come. I have heard lots about it – another peaceful country where there are so many pagodas (hmm… I am not a person of pagoda but still want to go there and enjoy the beautiful structure and compare them to those in my country). One of my friend said Laos’ capital is as small as one of our districts in my city. How comes? Well, let’s go and check it out.


So then, from now I am writing about the places where I traveled and will travel. Let’s start from where? I wrote about Phnom Penh already. Laos – I have not been there and I do not like to write about it because my information will be copied from Google – kinda not personal thinking. Then, let’s start with Hanoi – where I was around 2 weeks last summer vacation.


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