Talking Day

2 days ago – went out with friends and did some insane stuffs together around my city

yesterday – talked on phone with another friend who is gonna stay in my city around 1 month

today – again went out for dinner with a friend and wandered around the bookstore – so many fun stuffs to look at. Then, we stopped by to say HI to another friend who is gonna stay with my uncle in a week

What a small world! My neighbor knows the girl who will stay with my uncle – she is a friend of mine who will work with me on her ISP and they are all friends of my friends in HCMC.

There are some certain times of the year when I am really super-duper busy and I cannot set up the schedule to hang out with all of my friends. I feel a bit guilty that I have not met and talked with them for ages. A good friend does not do that ever!

Man, the vegetarian dish was so cheap and very good as well. Next time, I will go there again to enjoy the ‘fish’ and fried stirred vegetable.

This month, again, I will not work on board – I do not like it any more. Time for getting ready for the coming trips. Time for hanging out with friends. Time for have the office work done before my vacation.

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, I love JUNE!! 😉


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