My Journal’s Theme

I just happened to choose the theme for my journal whose is name the Chaotic Soul. Well, kinda describe myself – my soul is so like a mess. It is just like ocean waves. Hardly to control and calm down.

Sometimes, I only want to stay alone – think and think (but no more dream!) and then write and write on my journal (the real notebook) all my crazy ideas. It helps me more than I thought. It is a friend of mine now

Sometimes, I only want to go far away – shouting loudly as though my voice could tear the sky above. (hmm, impossible mission :-P)

Then, I think, “ah, this theme is right for you. Just choose!”.

I chose!

The black background can highlight my entries and my photos. I know some of my friends do not like it because they find hard to read my entries. C’mon, buddies, let’s try!

The white letters is not too bad. I need to resize the font size and everything will be alright.

The header photo is so TIGHT!. I took that photo on the way back home from the floating market at about 6.30 am. That was the precious moment. I have taken many photos of sunrises and sunsets but this one is the best one

The widgets is ok. I changed the default names and put the new ones for it. For example, it said PAGE VIEW; I said I WAS HIT, LOL. It is more fun to read that, frankly

So, then, everything is good for my new journal. I cannot know if I can update it everyday or not. Well, not really necessary to do that though. I have made it and updated for my coming adventures. That is the POINT 😉


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