March 02, 2008 – Month of Gifts

OK, I have received some gifts from my friends and I want to show them to you. I love all gifts. Each of them has its own meaning to me.

Those are clothes: 2 Tshirts and 1 hoodie

I really like this red hoodie with big yellow A in front. A = Angela

These are lulu’s friends

This is thatha. She is very cute and little

They are Theodore, Alvin and Simon (from the left). They are from Alvin and the chipmunks – a very fun cartoon. You can know them well by reading this

My red hoodie is the copy of Alvin’s one. All are promotional stuffs and there are only 5 lucky people in ASIA

My iPod (80Gb) on which I store my photos and music. Mainly I use it as a flash disk. I just use a bit as a MP3.



And BOOKs, I have a lot now. Some of them are given by my friends. Some of them I bought. Those are just one part of my little library in my room. Some are second-hand books and some are brand new ones. No matter how old or new they are, they are useful to me

A gift from anh. The tittle is right to me. I need to make clear that Mon Amour is not Paris, but Mon Amour is in Paris. If I got a chance, I would visit all places which were taken of in this book and it would be wonderful if anh took me around. Hmm… unreal dream!!!


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