February – Short month but Lots of work

Listening to your music – weird to me but it sounds good.

February is short but full of events and I was super-duper busy this month.

My third Cambodia trip was successful and I am satisfied. Even though there were some incidents, I could handle them and of course I have learned from them.

The group going to Cambodia was very friendly and nice. All of them are old and very old, from 60 to 90 years old. They were very kind to me and considered me their granddaughter. Most of them are Swiss and the rest are French. Few of them speak English. Hmm…I at least had some good talks to them and learned French too. I also learned how to play Scrabble (in French, LOL). I am looking for one in English. Most of them agreed that if I learned French, I could study very quickly because I can recognize the sound correctly. They wondered why I do not want to learn that language. Hmm… just I do not like it. Anh speaks that language and I do not understand anh speaking. So, I give up trying to learn. Personal reason!!!

The team leader of the group gave me compliment about my management on board and also told me my inexperienced mistakes. I thanked him a lot – a person with more than 30 year experience in tourism field. It was so good to work with him during the trip. Besides, he told my boss that because there was only me on board as a supervisor – it seems all men in the crew not to want to follow my words – against me because I am a woman – silly idea!!! Maybe I am short, but I am higher than they in term of education. Maybe I am. Maybe I look weak, but I am stronger than they in term of supervisory. I am trying my best at my new position in the company. If I can do it, I can survive in other working places.

The more fun thing of this tour is the tips. This time, we made 2 records. It was the first time we did not get any tips, even 1000vnd from the group who took the tour after the Cambodia tour. It was also the first time we got the most tip from the Cambodia trip – the most tip ever compared to the small boat which is always considered to receive more tips than the big one. That sounds fun! Moreover, that also was my record. I got so many tips from the Cambodia tour. Super-duper COOL!


Let get back a bit to the Tet period on board. That was my second time on board with the crew. This year, I did not make any trouble (but later, there have been so many – seems out of my control). My New Year Eve was very quiet, just a little music. I ate amok at a local restaurant with some of my crew members and enjoyed the live show of music before I came back to the boat. I wandered a bit in Phnom Penh – everything seems the same – the city does not get my attention much except for selling so many DVDs and CDs of music. I always wonder if Angkor Wat is amazing as many people have said to me or not ( I will check it out this summer vacation). The first day of New Year, I wore ao dai – hehe, it seemed unusual even. I prefer wearing ao dai when I am abroad. Everyone looked at me surprisingly at that time – a Vietnamese woman in front of their eyes – lovely and charming LOL. Then, I welcomed the BBC team and worked with them in 4 days effectively. We gave to each other the impression and kindness. Their professional working style impressed me a lot. It somehow made me to think about finding a professional working place to work with.


After that trip, my family and I welcomed Jo and Caroline to stay at our house on their homestay week in Can Tho. Who are they? They are SIT HCMC – related with SIT Mekong Delta which I was a volunteer for. They are very nice and we got super-duper fun and cool time together. I wish they could stay longer than 1 week, but their super-duper crazy busy schedule did not allow. One day, I will meet up with them and the other SIT HCMC in Saigon.


One more fun thing in this month is my new neighbor – Evan – a Fulbright fellow. He moved to stay in a house next to my house. We have had fun time together. I hope his research will work out and soon he will find how to make himself busy like SIT students. Last week, Evan and I walked around Cantho to enjoy the Tourism Festival Week. It was so crazy – we wondered why there were so many people on the streets and where they were from. There are some funny cars carrying the symbols of each province in Mekong Delta and there was a Vespa performance. That was so cool. We missed watching the firework because we chose wrong position, LOL. That was ok to me though. We walked around the downtown and went to the fair where they showed Southerner traditional stuffs such as manmade stuffs or food. Generally, this fair was ok but it just lasted too short. Many tourist wanted to enjoy but they just opened less than 1 week. One more thing is the Hau Giang pharmacy’s advertisement which was against the main theme of the fair – TOURISM and SOUTHERN TRADITION. They just set up kiosks like selling medicines, stupid ideas so far ( I think). Anyway, it was the good chance for the tourist knowing more about the South VN – Mekong Delta – where I love the most.

Please find here my photos during Feb: http://picasaweb.google.com/angelathaohuynh/FebTrip



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