Awesome Trip

I am super busy on this month man! I even cannot finish my online journal. Many friends asked me to load photos and post my entries but sorry buddies, gimme time, next month ok?
However, here are some photos from last few weeks. When I get back from Phnom Penh next month, I am sure that you guys will know about my trip’s stories

That are cameraman and soundman from BBC team. That lady is my boss. They were filming ‘goi cuon’ on desk at late afternoon. That is my unforgettable memory on my working life.

That’s the rest of BBC team. That man in blue shirt is presenter. The others under the blanket are the director, 2 assisstances who were watching on the screen which were being filmed.

The whole BBC team – who are friendly and nice to us

The cameraman, I and his awesome camera

I was playing with the ‘lovely mouse’ – microphone

2 dragons were kissing on the local dragon dancing performance in Cai Be town on 4th day of New Year

This is my city tonite – the beginning of Tourism Year in Mekong Delta – that’s what they have talked again, again and again these days

Funny picture

That’s Evan – my new friend, new neighbor and I in front of 2 fatty golden and silver rats. Evan was born in the year of Rat, but he is a tall rat

That’s the picture on the wall of my neighbor’s house. Corny and chessy!


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