Christmas on Land

This is the part two of my Christmas holiday. I hung out with my friend, Rachel who is a teacher of JET in Japan.
It was a very good time to me. I was happy to see my friend whom I never thought that I could meet up with.

That is the highest Xmas tree in Cantho – of course, it is a plastic one but it was so awesome. On that day, the moon was full. This photo is so good.

Santa clause’s suit selling on streets. I love those suits because kids look very cute on them

Big presents. LOL

Cantho at night with my friend’s view – this photo was taken on the top of Xuan Mai hotel – a familiar place to me. Full of memories there with friends.

Dao is my good friend. We were at tau hu da with Rachel. This is also a very close place to me. It reminds me of my friends a lot.

Christmas on land was earlier than that on board but very fun.

Thanks Rachel for your neat photos 🙂

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