Christmas on Bassac Cruise

I decided to work on board on this holidays.

As for many things have happened to me, I seem more mean and stubborn than I used to. I know it is not good at all. Now, pleasing and serving tourists is my own happiness. Some will say crazy. Some will say stupid. Some will say I am overachieved, or something like that.
Making people pleased and happy is on my bloood, slowly.
That is also the reason why I wanted to work on holidays, well, actually I am working almost 7 days a week.

This Christmas is the same to last Christmas. Still single; having nobody to hang out, I mean boyfriend. Instead, I went out with my friends. Simply just wandering around downtown and looking at people and taking photos and talking about our memories. Happy time, I’ll say.

Some photos on Bassac Crusie, where I am a hostess (part-time job).
This is at the bar downstairs. This decoration was not too colorful nor corny. I like this style.

Plastic pine trees but looked like sort of real if you take a close look

Sunset on 24 Dec. I felt kind of sad at one certain moment. Sad scenery + lonely girl = sad at all 😛 I missed to take the big sun at that time because I had to welcome back the guests after the visit to a village. Anyway, I hope one of my guests will send it to me soon. He is an American living in California. I like his style. Traveling around the world alone. Spending certain period at one place and enjoy and talk to local people so that he can understand more about that place. Well, tours will cost him a lot, but if he wants, he can do. That is what I like about him.

Late afternoon, full of light at the lobby downstairs of Bassac Cruise. I wish I could have my own real pine tree to decorate it myself.

This is Manon or Minh Tam. She is the 3rd daughter of my boss. She is around 13 months old and very cute. I played with her all time and made her laugh a lot. She is very very lovely and a good girl. She does not cry as much as the other babies and she loves smiling with everyone. Just wondering how long I will have my own baby like her. Manon is a French Vietnamese baby.
As for children, on Xmas day, there were so many children on board. I had to take care and play with them. I love them a lot. They are very cute and lovely. Half of them could not speak English but with our little foreign language, we tried to communicate together and well at last we had fun and played some games together. Man, their parents just let me take care of them and they did not really want me to be a guide on that day. Just play with their kids, talk to them, care of them 🙂
Some are just around 4 to 12 years old. They have blond hair, blue eyes, white skin and wore very cute clothes on Xmas Eve’s party. Their voice are very lovely and kind of hard to understand. But, finally, they had fun with me and so did I. 🙂

Here is the Xmas cake. I forgot its name in French but if I translate, it would be Xmas tree log cake or something. It included a wheat cake, milk cream, chocolate, cacao and coconut. My boss made it herself and we served this to the guests. Children loved it a lot and they ate a lot too :). Me too. I love this type of cake and I can eat all myself. Well, I could not anyway 🙂

The small balls you can see on this photo is chocolate balls. It is very easy to make. I will make some if I have time at home.

Xmas Eve – we put lots of Xmas gifts for the guests on that day. They were surprised and pleased, esp. the children. The crew and I did not have anything. However, the day before that, when I went out with my friends, I bought one for myself. 🙂

That is me. Sort of blurry but I looked cute, eh? LOL. I was wearing the uniform for the hostess onboard. Normally when I work in the office, I do not need to wear any uniform, probably Tshirt and jean or some casual stuffs. I like to wear casual stuffs 🙂

On 25 Dec, I could see a big moon at around 5.30 am. Amazing! What a pity that my camera does not have a good zoom to take a cooler photo. 🙂 Far away, on the right corner of the photos, it is a brick making village. A whole village produces bricks, many kinds of bricks 🙂 used for house floor, house wall, house roofs, stoves, etc.

Below are the photo of sun rise on 25 Dec. Sunrise on Mekong river is always wonderful and changeable. I have a small collection of sunrise since I have worked on board.

This is my new watch. It looks punky 😛 full of pandas. I love it!

That is just the first part of my Xmas holiday. Some photos are still on my friend’s camera.
Lots of different feelings on that day.
But, leave everything sad behind. I am going on my own way, heading to the future. 🙂


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