November 28, 2007 – Some Latest Photos

Almost have no time for personal internet stuffs like 360 or Yahoo chat… Here are some latest photos last week and today

Here are photos with my best friends, Nghi and Van on his special occasion. I am really HAPPY for him. Finally, he did it!

We were in the restaurant in Cao Lanh Town

Me in front of the restaurant

Me in front of Nghi’s house

my two buddies

Here are photos taken this early morning with my good friend Luke and Dao and our friends. We were so crazy today. Visiting the floating market at 4.30am. When we were there, ppl just woke up. Gee, the market really started around 5.30 am. I drunk a glass of cafe sua da and now I still awake. Man! I cant drink any cafe. It is done!
Luke and me – do we look cool!?! Adidas and Jokey

Luke, me and Huy with the sunrise on Hau River. Thanks to Tammy for taking this photo
All of us on the front of the boat – Luke, Hau, Dao, me Huy, Tammy and Josh. Those American student are Fullbright fellows. They are cool


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